Mizzle Rock

Súldarsker is a riotous, tragicomic mystery which takes place in an isolated community hiding a dreadful secret. Two women from the mainland end up on the grey and gloomy Mizzle Rock, each with their own agenda. Their arrival shakes up the community and sets off an exciting chain of events, featuring decrepit lighthouse keepers, local festival Delightful Days of Downpour, aggressive seagulls, a curling tournament and last but not least, the secrets of the tape cassette factory looming over the village.

Opened in Reykjavik, January 2011. Second run in Akureyri and Reykjavik, March 2012. Featured in the European Theatre Catalogue 2012 and at the Festival for New European Drama 2012 at Husets Teater, Copenhagen, as well as the Women Playwrights International Convention in Stockholm 2012. Performed as a rehearsed reading at Teatr Miniatura in Gdansk, spring 2014.


Salka’s text is fantastically well written, tight, intellectual and extremely witty. This is the birth of a new playwright to watch. (Silja Aðalsteinsdóttir, tmm.is)

The production was honest, entertaining and exciting. (Ingibjörg Þórisdóttir um Súldarsker, Hugrás.is)

A smash! *** ½ (Bryndís Schram, Pressan)

I found the show absolutely hilarious and couldn’t wipe the smile off my mouth, like actually most of the audience. The story is both imaginative and witty and the progress is a roller-coaster ride so you better pay close attention … Director Harpa Arnardóttir here brings together rich material and the talents of excellent artists, thus creating a memorable and dynamic production which you must see. These are talented people at their very best. **** (Kristrún Heiða Hauksdóttir, Fréttatíminn)

**** (Elísabet Brekkan, Fréttablaðið)

Director: Harpa Arnardóttir

Music: Ólafur Björn Ólafsson

Scenography: Brynja Björnsdóttir

Lighting: Egill Ingibergsson

Costumes: Þórunn Elísabet Sveinsdóttir

Make-up: Svanhvít Valgeirsdóttir

Assistant Director: Erling Jóhannesson

Photographer/designer: Berglind Jóna Hlynsdóttir

Cast: Aðalbjörg Árnadóttir and Maríanna Clara Lúthersdóttir