A website at long last

Welcome to the brand new Sodid Svid website!

Here you will be able to keep up with the company’s latest exploits, find information on new and old productions, look at trailers, contact us and so on and so forth.

The website was made by Icelandic designer Hugi Hlynsson:

Flat, honest, minimal design? These terms all come to mind when looking at the Soðið svið website. The focus is on content and usability, yet featuring a strong design that stands out in the crowd. It’s navigation is simple and intuitive, you always know exactly where your are positioned.


As the web moves towards mobile use, sodidsvid.com has a fully responsive design that makes it beautiful to look at and fit for any screen size, from giant screens to the smallest mobile phone. The sites elements are all vector based, letting high-resolution screens such as the “retina” displays take full advantage of every pixel.

Soðiðsvið.com is designed with modern users in mind, no less than the futures.