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Breaker is a powerful new play by Icelandic writer Salka Gudmundsdottir, translated and directed by Scottish director Graeme Maley. Caught up in nostalgia and myths, Daniel comes to the remote island where his grandmother grew up, seeking answers and closure but finds local teacher Sunna trying to make her own way through the darkness following a horrific series of events in the community. Gripping and thought-provoking.


The Elusive Portal


An exciting new play for children and other adventurous people. Eyja is a creative yet lonely girl who has just moved to a gloomy old house in the middle of nowhere. One night, a mysterious portal to a magical world opens up in her bedroom, and Eyja’s grandfather is taken by a cruel elf.


Mizzle Rock


Súldarsker is a riotous, tragicomic mystery which takes place in an isolated community hiding a dreadful secret. Two women from the mainland end up on the grey and gloomy Mizzle Rock, each with their own agenda.